Last chance to sign up for the METRIQ Study

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After approximately 2 months of open enrollment, the recruitment phase of the METRIQ study will come to an end on April 30th at midnight. If you are interested but have yet to enroll, I would encourage you to do so by going to and following the link to the study intake form. We are still in particular need of resident and attending raters.

If you have signed up for the METRIQ study but have yet to complete your rating, there is still time. To allow all of the newly enrolled raters to complete the study rating will still be open for several more weeks. Of course, we’d still appreciate it if you finished as soon as possible 🙂

On behalf of the METRIQ study collaborators, I’d like to thank everyone that has contributed. Hopefully those of you that requested acknowledgement will soon see your name listed on the multiple METRIQ Study papers that we have planned.

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