We need your help to determine how best to teach clinicians, researchers, and teachers to harness the power of social media.

COVID-19 has proven that social media is now a mainstream source of news, scholarly discussion, and continuing professional development.
The METRIQ study team is now embarking on a journey to define the core competencies that modern scientists, teachers, and clinicians should have as they head online. We need to know how best to teach people to harness the power of social media so they can combat misinformation, engage in education, and effectively advocate on this platform.

The METRIQ3 participants will take place in either a simple survey or a modified Delphi study (4-phase consensus building exercise) that seeks to define what a core curriculum on social media competencies will look like. We are recruiting both those who consider themselves experts in this field and also those who are frontline users of these media. Help us define what is essential to teach about healthcare social media.

The METRIQ3 Survey & Delphi Study

Help us teach the world to use social media effectively

Participants will either be invited to complete a short 10-minute survey on social media best practices and learning techniques (frontline users), or invited to participate in an expert modified Delphi to define the core competencies around social media usage (expert users).

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METRIQ3 Delphi Study


updated at July 1, 2020

Frontline users
Expert Users