The METRIQ3 study is being coordinated from Canada, but may involve collaborators from around the world. We would also consider the addition of other collaborators, particularly those who would diversify our Study Team in gender, profession, and nationality. If you have any questions about our work in general or this study in particular, feel free to contact us.

Teresa Chan

McMaster University

Brent Thoma

University of Saskatchewan

Yusuf Yilmaz

Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University

Puru Panchal

Medical Student, McMaster University

Victoria Tran

Graduate Student, McMaster University


Help us teach the world to use social media effectively

Participants will either be invited to complete a short 10-minute survey on social media best practices and learning techniques (frontline users), or invited to participate in an expert modified Delphi to define the core competencies around social media usage (expert users).