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The rMETRIQ Score: A quality assessment tool for the critical appraisal of FOAM

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How do you know that the blog post you just read on a #FOAM website is any good? Traditional journals have a peer-review process and there are (many!) established guidelines for critical appraisal of journal articles. As more and more ED learners are using #FOAM resources for their core learning​1​, how do we know if they are using high-quality resources?

Enter the revised METRIQ (rMETRIQ Score​2​): a user-friendly, rigorously developed tool to guide #FOAM consumers in determining the quality of #FOAM blogs. Building on our previous work​3​, rMETRIQ has been simplified into three main domains (content, credibility, and peer review) to guide users through a brief and effective critical appraisal of the #FOAM resource. The higher the score, the more reliable and high quality the resource!

Blog creators and editors, you can use this to ensure you’re creating high quality #FOAM resources too!

Try it out! A PDF version can be downloaded here.

Note: This study was reviewed and edited by Dr. Brent Thoma (@Brent_thoma)

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