The METRIQ Study featured on the SGEM

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This week I had the pleasure of discussing the METRIQ Study on the exceptional emergency medicine podcast, the Skeptic’s Guide to Emergency Medicine. Powered by one of our METRIQ Study authors, Ken Milne, we recorded an SGEM podcast discussing the progress that the FOAM (Free Open Access Meducation / Medical education) movement has made over just a few short years. This gave us a chance to highlight the METRIQ study as a potential way for beneficiaries of FOAM (medical students, EM residents, EM attendings) to “give back” and help make these resources even better by signing up as a collaborator. Keep your eyes peeled for the episode, “Enter the METRIQs” when it launches next week!

In other study news, we continue to be happy with our progress but still need more collaborators to participate. At the time of writing, we had received approximately 1/3 of the completed studies that we need to meet our ambitiously conservative power calculation. If you haven’t signed up, please do! If you have and have yet to finish your rating, we appreciate your efforts so far and hope you can power through. If you’ve already completed your rating, stay tuned on this channel for news about results and publications where you will be recognized for your contribution.

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