A commitment to accessible publications

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We understand that access to research important – particularly so when it is on the topic of Free Open Access Medical education (FOAM). For that reason we will do everything in our power to make the publications that led to and result from the METRIQ Study accessible.

In publications of research resulting from The METRIQ Study we will review potential journal’s copyright and self-archiving policies using the RoMEO database to ensure that, if we are not publishing in an open access journal or with free access, we can immediately self-archive a version of the manuscript. We believe that this approach will balance the need for publishing in impactful journals that will raise the profile of FOAM in the scholarly world while ensuring that our work is accessible.

In keeping with a policy of accessibility, we recently updated our Research Agenda page to add links to freely archived versions of all but one of our papers (and we are working on that one!!). The RoMEO database provided the info needed to determine the current copyright status of each of these publications. Most notably, a self-archived version of our most recent publication in Annals of Emergency Medicine is now freely and legally available for download by anyone, anywhere, anytime [1]. We hope to see many more medical researchers summarizing their work and purposely publishing for accessibility in the future.

If you ever have difficulty accessing literature that has been published by our group, please CONTACT US so that we can personally share a copy with you. We are readily available via email and on Twitter.

  1. Chan TM, Grock A, Paddock M, Kulasegaram K, Yarris LM, Lin M. Examining Reliability and Validity of an Online Score (ALiEM AIR) for Rating Free Open Access Medical Education Resources. Annals of Emergency Medicine, in-press.

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