Recruitment effective; rating needs attention!

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The METRIQ Study team is proud to report that we have now recruited >1/2 of the medical students, residents, and attendings / consultant collaborators needed for the Blog study! Unfortunately, our the number of collaborators that have started and completed the study is much less impressive.

As with most survey-based studies, we anticipated that not all of the individuals that sign up will complete the whole study. This is especially true for a study like ours, where we are relying upon the generosity of strangers from around the world who believe, as we do, that this is an important aspect of scholarship that is worth pursuing for the benefit of our learners and patients. However, we are hoping for a substantially better completion rate than we have right now!

If you’re reading this and you haven’t yet signed up for the study, please consider doing so at If you have signed up but not completed the study, remember that you can always follow your link to pick up where you left off! In total, the study should take 60-75 minutes to complete. None have been reported yet, but pleaseĀ let us know if you’re having any problems!

Once again, thank you so much for your time. In recognition for your efforts, we will be recognizing all of our collaborators on the manuscripts that result from this research (and we have plans for a lot of them!).

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